Why Tate Supports Independent Art

At Tate Chelsea it has always been our commitment to bring about independent artists from around the globe. Last year, our Chelsea exhibition brought in over 50 art pieces from a pool of 36 artists.

Independent art has been gaining traction thanks to its increased exposure through social media but has conversely seen a decline in physical viewings. It has always been our belief that art is best seen in person, a view that is shared by many.

As one of the few remaining set-up galleries in Chelsea, we are planning to hold two exhibitions a year from the year 2018 onwards. This is made possible thanks to high turnouts in last year’s exhibition and the generosity of our new sponsors¬†(Unarthodox¬†and Vertical Jump Development – How to Jump Higher).

We look forward to seeing more of you in our future exhibitions and are excited to showcase the work of our talented contributors. Please bookmark our page to stay tuned for any future apartments.